NU600 General Information

Welcome to the NU600 Rally

Special Nelson Ulysses Club only event.

You’re probably here because the sound of a great day riding covering 600kms of the top of the South Island is worth some investigation.


The NU600 spans a target riding duration of 9.5 hrs starting at 8.30 at NPD lower Queen Street Richmond and finishing at 6.00pm at 310 Main Road Riwaka for a Branch BBQ tea. All riders and non- riders are invited to the Branch BBQ.

Any time after 6.00pm finish you will be regarded as a finisher, although you won’t be classed as having completed the challenge.

Here is how the NU600 works*

Report to the start point by 8.00am on

Saturday 11th March 2023, ready to receive the organizers briefing before departure at 8.30am.

Your speedometer will be taken before you start and then again at the final destination at 310 Main Road Riwaka.

NU600 Route and Checkpoints*

The NU600 is not a single pre- determined go to A to B route.

It’s not that sort of *Follow the Leader* rally.   Instead, you have a smorgasbord of checkpoints around which you plan your OWN route.

There are 3 main criteria for doing a successful NU600 and being ranked as completing the challenge.

1# Ride a minimum of 600kms   

2# Collect a set minimum of 600 points including a set of 2 compulsory checkpoints.

3# Arrive at the finish destination at 6.00pm or before.

The Checkpoints*

The checkpoints are located at landmarks such as statues, signs, churches, bridges and icons. They are either ‘on the way’ to somewhere else or up roads forcing you to re-trace your kms back to the main road.

You DO NOT have to go to all the checkpoints, only the ones you decide to visit in order to gain enough points to be a finisher.

Therefore, you design your own route to suit your riding preferences and capability.

After the ride at the finish destination, we will check your speedometer kilometres, and you will send your photos thru to with your completed checklist of your completed checkpoints.

Rally Safety Advice and Tips*

The key points about the NU600 are:                                                                                                                              

You participate at your own risk.                                               

The qualifying distance together with the allowable time window have been designed so that you do not have to break the law and you can stop for mico rests.                                                                       

You are not racing anyone!                                                                                                                                      

You can pull out at anytime, and ride to the finish destination.      

There are NO prizes for finishing other than a Certificate for completing the Challenge.                                      

All checkpoints are loaded onto the interactive ‘Google My Maps’. (Click on a checkpoint for photo requirement, points value and GPS co-ordinates).

REMEMBERING you only need 600 points and 600 kms                                                                            

There are more than enough checkpoints than you require, however they can be useful as shaping points.                                                                                                                                                                       

Checkpoints can be used from any area of the checkpoint list.

Enjoy your day and have fun

Karen 10056 & Robyn 10205

Below are maps, checkpoints and other relevant information.

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