Riding Tips:

A Single Point of Truth (SPOT) All the stats info on motorcycle safety in NZ you would ever hope to ask for:  Click here

Ride Forevers great "How To" page:  Click here

Taking a pillion rider? Watch this video: Click here

Counter-steering explained:  Click here

Overtaking on the left:  Yes you can do it, but only under certain circumstances. Be aware that many people who drive cars in the Nelson district are not familiar with the concept of "Lane Splitting", so take extreme care.
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NZ Road Code for Motorcyclists: Check it out:  Click here

Ride Forever $100 Rego Cashback: Check it out:  Click here

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Nelson Safety Groups: 

We have club members on two groups that promote motorcycle safety:

The Nelson Motorcycle Safety Group raise matters of concern for motorcyclists with government & non- governmental organisations

RoadSafe Nelson Bays meets to discuss matters concerning all road users and their interaction the local safety and  includes the ACC, Police the local councils and reps from other motorcycle groups.

Contacts are: Jean Reynolds 547-4979, and Rides Co-ordinator Pat Lithgow 542 2103 or 027-540 076.

Report issues such as loose gravel, pot holes, trees obscuring signs, spills on the road etc. To report bad/mad drivers call the police on *555.

- Tasman District Council- 03 543 8400

- Nelson City Council - 03 546 0200 

- Marlborough District - 03 520 8330 

- State Highways - 0800 4 HIGHWAYS

Rider and Bike safety

Did You Know? 

  • Motorcycles have the highest level of risk per kilometre travelled
  • You are 19 times more vulnerable riding a motorcycle than driving a car
  • Motorcyclists are less visible, have less protection and less stability than most other road vehicles
  • Most rural motorcycle (over 70 km/h) road crashes occur during daylight in weekends
  • Urban motorcycle road crashes occur at peak times on weekdays
  • A rider without a helmet is three times more likely to suffer severe brain damage than a rider with a helmet in the same type of crash
  • Loss of control crashes account for 37% of all motorcycle crashes 

Hey...dont be put off!!   YOU CAN REDUCE THE RISK

  • Increase your riding skills – undertake rider training
  • Be seen – wear bright protective clothing including a high visibility vest
  • Buy a bike suitable for your needs and experience
  • Keep your bike well maintained and ready for the road
  • Don’t overestimate your riding ability
  • Wear the right riding gear –
    • a well fitted full-face helmet
    • motorcycle gloves
    • riding boots
    • protective jacket and pants