The Ulysses Nelson branch has an extensive collection of books and DVD’s for loan to members.

The loan period is one month. Return as soon as you have finished.

Contact: Tony Cutten 

Mobile 021 985 824


Do you have any books or DVD's you would like to donate to the club?      

Please contact Tony in the first instance.

Lists last updated 2019

Library - Books

3 New Books:

  • Twisting throttle - Australia   Mike Hyde
  • Being there- Autobiography Hugh Anderson (Isle of Man TT Winner 1963)
  • Croz Larrikin Biker Graeme Crosby

  •  Adventure Motorcycling Handbook.   Chris Scott – A route and planning guide
  •  A – Z of Motorcycles.   Roland Brown – a complete marque by marque encyclopaedia
  •  Backblocks America.   Joe and Gareth Morgan take on the States, Canada and Mexico
  •  Bitten by the Bullet.   Motorcycle Adventures In India.
  •  By Any Means.   Charley Boorman – the brand-new expedition from Wicklow to Wollongong
  •  BMW Motorcycles.   Hugo Wilson
  •  Driving Scenic New Zealand.   A Guide to touring New Zealand By Road.
  •  Easy Riders – Cruising the Long White Cloud.   Paul and Val Davis
  •  Everyone’s Book of Motor Cycling.   Don Morley - Racing Bikes From The Beginning To……
  •  Harley Davidson – the Living Legend.   William Green
  •  Honda - The Illustrated Motorcycle Legends.   Roy Bacon - The Honda Story.
  •  Into Africa.   Sam Manicom – Africa by motorcycle- ‘Every day and adventure’
  •  Is that Thing a Diesel?   Paul Carter – one man, one bike, and the first lap around Australia on used cooking oil
  •  John Britten.   Tim Hanna
  •  Jupiter’s Travels.   Ted Simon – four years on one motorbike
  •  Kawasaki - The Illustrated Motorcycle Legends.   Roy Bacon - The Kawasaki Story.
  •  Lois on the Loose.   Lois Pryce – One woman, one motorbike, 20,000 miles across the Americas
  •  Long Way Around.   Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman – chasing shadows across the world
  •  Max And Rastus.   The road they Travelled.
  •  Motorcycles – Dream Machines.   Roland Brown
  •  Nelson Motorcycle Club – the first fifty years.   Jenny Baumfield
  •  New Zealand Motorcycle Atlas.   100 top rides by Peter Mitchell
  •  Ride Free Forever – the Legend of Harley Davidson.   Oluf F. Zierl
  •  Silk Riders.   Jo and Gareth Morgan’s incredible journey on the trail of Marco Polo
  •  Suzuki - The Illustrated Motorcycle Legends.   Roy Bacon - The Suzuki Story.
  •  The Adventures Of Ulysses.   (belongs to Lorraine Lindsay) A Tale of the Adventures of Ulysses  “The Odyssey”.
  •  The Biker’s Bible.   Fun and survival on road-going motorcycles.
  • The Encyclopaedia of The Motorcycle.   Hugo Wilson - From about 1995.
  •  The Illustrated History of Triumph Motorcycles.   Ray Bacon
  •  The Last Hurrah. From Beijing to Arnhem 2005.  Des Molly & Dick Huurdeman
  • The Official N.Z. Road Code for the Motorcyclist.   2005 Edition
  • Three Summers.    A Travel Journal. By Tony & Dael Ray (Nelson Ulyssians).
  • The Ulysses (Club) Story.   The Story of the Ulysses Club by Stephen Dearnley (Founder),
  • including the big 80th birthday ride around Australia.
  •  Triumph Around the World.   Robbie Marshall – he gave up his world for a taste of freedom
  •  Triumph – Made in Great Britain
  •  Twisting Throttle New Zealand.   A kiwi’s guide to the top 50 motorcycle rides in the Land of the Long White Cloud
  •  Twisting Throttle America.   Mike Hyde – A Kiwi’s hilarious trip around America on the smell of an oily rag
  •  Up the Andes. (2 copies)    Jo and Gareth Morgan travers the Andes from top to bottom
  • Includes DVD
  •  Under African Skies.  (2 copies)    Jo and Gareth Morgan’s epic ride from Cape Town to London
  •  Yamaha - The Illustrated Motorcycle Legends.   Roy Bacon - The Yamaha Story.
  •  Yamaha.   Mick Walker – Osprey Classic Motorcycles

Library  - DVD's

  • Birth of the V-Rod
  • Birth of the V-Rod / Paris Dakar Rallies 1987 - 2002
  • Closer to the Edge (TT on Isle of Man)   “A life affirming, heart stopping joy ride for anyone with a pulse”
  • Ghost Rider
  • Mike Hailwood
  • Motorcycle Diaries.   Based on the journals of Che Guevera
  • Motorcycling in NZ Riding in Groups.   Rider Training
  • New Zealand – Riding to the Edge of the Earth. (3 copies)  Presented by Henry Cole (Travel Channel)
  • National Motorcycle Museum.   Collection of pics – not DVD
  • Northwest 200 Racing 2004.
  • NW2009.   Official Review of the 2009 Kennedy International
  • Paris Dakar 1987
  • Ride Forever.   How much do you know about riding your bike?
  • So This Is Yorkshire.   Motorcycling from way back – a real hoot.
  • The Best Bike GP’s of the Decade.   10 star rides choose their best races from the 80’s
  • The Complete Harley-Davidson.   A model by model history of the American motorcycle
  • The Champions – The Mike Hailwood Story.   Ewan McGregor & Charlie Boorman
  • The Last Hurrah.   From Beijing to Arnhem 2005.  Des Molly & Dick Huurdeman (Our most recent addition purchased and donated by Terry).
  •  The Long Way Around. (2 discs)  Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman
  • The Story of Yamaha
  • The World’s Greatest Motorcycles
  • The World’s Fastest Indian.   Burt Munro Story – with Anthony Hopkins
  • TT – A film documentary.   Isle of Man-  road racing capital of the world
  • Up the Andes .   Jo and Gareth Morgan travers the Andes from top to bottom -Includes DVD