We can supply a range of Nelson labelled clothing as well as other Ulysses merchandise (see the National website for details). Any gear acquired from 'Head Office' maybe freight free:  ​​​​​ Click here

​​​​​​​T- Shirts: 
One photo shows Derek doing a fine job holding up the bar, and modelling the long sleeved T-shirt.

And what a choice, it's available in any colour so long as its black, you get a choice of large or small logo on the front. 

Only $30 each, these are a great year-round item for your wardrobe, how can you resist !! 

Polo Shirts​​​​​​​:
The other photo shows Alan and Raewyn, modelling their local branch polo shirts at Toad Hall.

These shirts let you break away from the Ulysses black temporarily, into grey with 
green highlights. A breathable side panel and lightweight fabric makes these shirts great for 
summer and travelling, but they also work well over an extra winter layer, as our models 

These polo shirts are only available in Nelson, are available in men’s and women’s 
sizes and have our branch logo embroidered on them. 

​​​​​​​Name Badges:
Branch members can replace lost name badges or order an extra one.
Note:  You can also order a name badge for your partner.