Summertime Slow Rider Practice:

Did you know the majority of accidents occur at less than 15km/hr?

Learning to handle your bike at slow speed will help avoid those embarassing moments and will greatly help riding at highway speed.

Slow Riding Practice:  7 - 8 pm Saxton Oval Southern Car Park (see map).

All riders are responsible for their own actions and safety. There is no fee for this service and everyone is welcome.

Slow Riding runs on Thursdays from 29th October 2020 through to April 2021 during the Daylight Savings period.

While John is not a trainer, he is willing to pass on knowledge, based on best practice.

To attend, you will have to text John beforehand.
If you have any queries, then don't be shy to contact him:
John Macdonald 027 345 2761

Women Riders

Marie Hearn is offering female Branch Members assistance with improving riding confidence as well as some basic instruction on bike maintenance.
Contact Marie on  027 6121007       Email:

​​​​​​​Respect Every Ride Video Campaign
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​​​​​​​ACC courses:

We support ACC and local Trainers Kevin Guthrie and Jason Holcroft of "Tasman Motorcycle Training

Subsidised Bronze, Silver, and Gold courses are available.

For more information on:  Click here​​​​​​​

$200 Cashback:  See their website to find loads more information as well as a full explanation of the terms and conditions of this scheme:  &