NU300 Rally Ride 24th June 2023

For details of NU300 2023, please download more information to the right.


NU300 Ride is now all go - Saturday 24th June 2023

Start point at the NPD at Lower Queen St, Richmond. Briefing at 9.30am. Stands up at 10.00am . Finish point at the Upper Moutere Inn by 3pm.

You will need to do a minimum of 300 km  and visit checkpoints worth 300 points . There are 19 checkpoints varying in value from 25 to100, this includes one mystery checkpoint. Further information will be revealed at the briefing.

All documents can be download from the right, including  Registration form,   Disclaimer, Checkpoints, Photo Requirements, Information and link to Google Maps for NU300 .

If you have done the NU600 or TT2000, then all these forms will be familiar to you.

Note this is a fundraiser for Nelson Ulysses, cost is $30 per bike.

The theme of the Rally is Fire and Ice .Yes  it will be cold, even polar .There will be  ice and grit. As the Norwegians say – there is no bad weather only inappropriate clothing.

Currently there is no planned reserve day, so dry or wet, hot or cold, this ride will go ahead.

See you there , Gerry Tonkin # 10080